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(Cemeteries Outside the Battle Area)

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Key : Denotes VC burial/commemoration.

Chambiere French National Cemetery, Metz (Moselle)

Charmes Military Cemetery, Essegny (Vosges)

Le Mans Grand Cemetery (Sarthe)

Liege Communal Cemjetery (Liege)

Mazargues Cemetery and Memorial to 'Missing', Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhone)

Sarralbe Military Cemetery (Moselle)

Sedan (St. Charles) Communal Cemetery French Military Extension (Ardennes)

St. Germain-Au-Mont D'Or Communal Cemetery Extension (Rhone)

Tourlaville Communal Cemetery, Cherbourg (Manche)

Toutes-Aides Cemetery, St. Nazaire (Loire-Inf.)